Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira (Baba Sali)


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About The Rabbi

Abuhatzeira zt”l. The patriarch of this family was Shmuel Abuhatzeira zt”l. Born in the land of Israel, Shmuel lived in Damascus for a while, where he studied Torah together with Chaim Vital. In Shem Hagedolim, Chaim Joseph David Azulai zt”l described Shmuel as “an ish Elohim kadosh (a holy man of God). Wise people speak of his might and wonders in saving the Jewish community from many difficulties.”

Abuhatzeira’s family lived on a large estate which included a yeshiva where young scholars studied night and day. The beit din (rabbinical court) of his father, Mas’ud, was also located on the premises. His older brother, David, studied by himself in an attic. On the rare times that Mas’ud traveled, he would cover his eyes with his cape to avoid seeing inappropriate sights.

As a child, the baba sali was a diligent Torah scholar, studying day and night. At the age of 12, he began to fast during the six weeks of Shovavim. Knowing his parents would not let him continue, he hid his fasting from them, but his brother, David, noticed how weak and pale he was. Though David urged him to stop, Yisrael continued his fasting.

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