Rabbi Yaakov Ades


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About The Rabbi

Rabbi Yaakov Ades (February 24 1898 – July 19 1963) also spelled Adas or Adess, was a Sephardi Hakham, Rosh Yeshiva, and Rabbinical High Court judge. As rosh yeshiva of Porat Yosef Yeshiva in Jerusalem, he raised thousands of students, including Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel; Rabbi Ben Zion Abba Shaul, rosh yeshiva of Porat Yosef; and Rabbi Yehuda Hakohen Rabin, Chief Rabbi of Bukharan Jewry in Israel.

Ades’ parents were Rabbi Avraham Haim Ades (1848–1925) and Tzalha, daughter of Rabbi Moshe Swed, Rav of Aleppo.

In Aleppo, his father was regarded as a great Hakham, kabbalist, author, and teacher of future Sephardic Torah leaders such as Rabbi Yosef Yedid Halevi, Rabbi Ezra Chamawi, Rabbi Yaakov Katzin, Rabbi Shlomo Laniado, and Rabbi Ezra Attiya.

Upon his parents’ aliyah to Israel in 1896, his father helped found Rechovot Hanahar, a yeshiva for kabbalists in the Bukharim quarter, and served on the beit din of the Aram Soba (Aleppo) community.

Rabbi Yaakov Ades was born in Jerusalem, the youngest of four sons.

He received his early education from his father,  Four years later, in 1914, the drafting of students by the Turkish army in World War I prompted many students to flee to Egypt and Bukhara and the yeshiva disbanded. Ades managed to remain in Jerusalem during the war and rejoined the yeshiva when it reopened in 1918.

On March 7, 1919 Ades married Haya Esther, daughter of Rabbi Ezra Harari-Raful, a leading rabbi of Aleppo and founder of Yeshivat Ohel Moed.

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