Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein


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About The Rabbi

Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein He was the rabbi of Ramat Hasharon for almost 70 years and a senior judge at Rabbi Nissim Karlitz’s court in Bnei Brak. He was also the rabbi of the “Naot Yosef” neighborhood in Bnei Brak and over the years served as the head of Yeshiva Hasharon, Yeshiva “Ketar Yisrael”-Rozin and more. Also dealt with reception.

With the establishment of Yeshivas Ponovez in Bnei Brak in 1944/5704, Rav Yaakov and his older brother were in the first group of seven bachurim to learn in the yeshivah.

The first Rav of Ramat Hasharon was Harav Zvi Yehudah Edelstein.

After receiving the brachah of the Chazon Ish, Rav Yaakov accepted the post. He opened the town’s first kollel over 40 years ago near his home, and since then has opened another kollel, while the baalei teshuvah in the city have established another two kollelim.

After being appointed Rav, Rav Yaakov opened a yeshivah in the city, Yeshivas Hasharon, together with his uncle Rav Binyamin Movshowitz, Rav of Herzliya, who was niftar just three weeks after its opening.

Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein authored the sefarim B’ikvei Minchas Chinuch on Minchas ChinuchShiurei Hagri EdelsteinShiurei Maran Rosh Hayeshivah; and Shiurei Shabbos.

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